Are humans today more intelligent than humans 5,000 years ago?

I assure you that if you could raise a human baby from 5,000 years ago and develop it in a current environment of love, affection and security, its brain would develop like any baby of our days: It is the stimuli that develop the brain. In 5,000 years there can be no noticeable differences.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) great musician of the 18th century, he and his sister grew up surrounded by music, their father Leopold was a musician at the archiepiscopal court of Salzburg — the fourth most important city in Austria — and it did not take long for him to could have a little genie at home. Leopoldo was an intelligent and very religious man, he believed that his son’s musical gifts were a divine miracle. He, as a father, had the obligation to cultivate, so he decided to make him a great artist: So much musical bombardment from an early age had paid off. His sister, being a woman, did not have the same luck as her son.

Was Mozart a child prodigy or was he subjected to a total immersion in the world of music that deprived him of a normal childhood?

Little Amadeus was a boy who at the age of four was already capable of playing instruments and composing musical works. At just four years old, he could perfectly read the musical notes on a staff. At the age of six he knew how to play several instruments, such as the violin and the keyboard (a harpsichord). He also had a great memory, he was able to listen to a piece of music only once and play it the next day from memory with great precision. These skills made little Mozart’s fame spread rapidly throughout the city and its surroundings, leaving people speechless wherever he performed. Was Mozart happy?