How do you train a hyena to be your pet?

Oh god in heaven, NO! You do not! Never do it!

Wild animals make bad pets, but hyenas are absolutely one of the worst pets in the world.

Let’s start by saying that in most US states this would be grossly illegal. Even if you could get a permit in those states that allow such things, any reasonable person would see the application and say “no.” In fact, Florida, which has fairly lax laws regarding exotic pets, is now considering a ban on hyenas.

Have you ever seen a “tame” hyena at a show? There’s a reason for that. The so-called “African hyena handlers” do not keep them as “pets”. These are a group of travelers…call them buskers…not unlike the snake charmers of India and the dancing bear trainers of Eastern Europe. And just like those animals, these hyenas are kept muzzled most of the time, they are often treated very brutally, they are often kept drugged, they are never allowed to go hungry because if they were hungry they would become aggressive, and they don’t they are pets, they are simply the way these men make a living.

Myth: Hyenas make good pets. Reality: Although some people in Africa and Asia find very young hyenas in the wild and keep them as pets, these animals generally appear to be extremely unhappy as “domestic companions” as adults, and often must be muzzled at all times lest they harm others. people or goods. A muzzle prevents the hyena from being able to groom itself properly. Because spotted hyenas need several years of practice to become proficient hunters, and because they are deprived of this practice when kept as pets, it is effectively a death sentence for a captive-bred hyena released into the wild. Additionally, pet hyenas cannot be released for fear that they may transfer new pathogens from captive environments to the wild. Upon reaching adulthood, many hyenas “

See that heavy rope muzzle? That is the only way a hyena can be kept as a “pet”. That snout is on the hyena all day and all night except when it’s eating. And, they stay drugged.

“Yes, the famous Hyena Men of Africa they walk around with them chained, but they also keep them drugged and never let them go hungry.”

And no, you can’t tame one. Not unless you have several thousand years to spare to selectively breed things.