If insulin is a hormone, where does the insulin that diabetics inject come from?

Hello, at first insulin was extracted from the pancreas of pigs because it was practically the same as that of humans except for one amino acid, however this brought long-term problems and patients rejected this treatment.

Scientists genetically engineered E. coli bacteria with a plasmid containing the isolated gene for human insulin to create reconvening insulin that was approved for use in humans in 1982.

Bacteria that have the human gene for insulin multiply at a rapid rate, and as they do so, they produce large amounts of human insulin, among other substances. Human insulin is then extracted from bacteria, purified, and sold as a medicine.

Laboratories currently extract insulin from bacteria and yeast, biosynthetic insulin It is identical in all respects to human insulin.

In recent years, work is being done on transgenic cows to produce milk enriched with human insulin so that only the milk should be drunk without having to purify the protein. The same is also done with Safflower which has been modified to produce insulin in the seeds.

However, insulin is not only used by diabetics and had to be classified as a prohibited substance by the Olympic committee.

Bodybuilders also use insulin (yes, these roadside pharmacies use it too) for muscle growth. While steroids and growth hormone stimulate the formation of muscle mass, insulin inhibits the catabolism or destruction of these new tissues by increasing the synthesis of glycogen, the main source of energy used by muscle. In addition, bodybuilders take glucose simultaneously with insulin during the hours prior to competition in order to increase the entry of glycogen and amino acids into muscle cells and thus improve exercise endurance.

This practice is very dangerous since they risk a diabetic coma and a bodybuilder’s belly is attributed to it, the latter due to the accumulation of visceral fat.