In African tribes, are children united?

I think so, and there you go why:

An anthropologist tried to test a game with some children of an African tribe, he placed a basket full of delicious fruits next to the trunk of a tree and told them -The first child to reach the tree and touch the basket, will win all the fruit-.

When the anthropologist gave them the start signal and thought that everyone was going to run to win the fruit, he was surprised that they all started walking together, holding hands, until they reached the tree, together they touched the basket and shared the fruit. .

He asked them why they had done that, if each of them could have gotten the fruit basket for himself or to share with his family.

The children responded all together, with one voice: “UBUNTU”.

The intrigued anthropologist began to inquire among the adults of the tribe. It turns out that “Ubuntu”, in the language of his civilization, means: “I am, because we all are”.

According to the education they received from their parents and grandparents, how can only one of us be happy, while all the others have nothing?

This tribe knows the secret of cooperation, solidarity and empathy that have been lost in societies that “transcend” it and that consider themselves “civilized” societies.

All the best!