Is it possible to get tattoos on burns?

Burn scars can be covered with tattoos, although some characteristics of the skin and color must be taken into account before performing them. In general, people who get tattoos on top of burns do it for aesthetic reasons, so if you are about to do it, we recommend some things to keep in mind.

scar characteristics

First of all. the scar must be at least one year old. If the time is less, it is possible that it will be reopened, or that it will be infected during the process. Therefore, it is necessary to be sure that he had his time to heal.

On the other hand, it is necessary to think about whether the scar is complicated or simple, to think about the tattoo designs according to it. Some are more noticeable, others less, and therefore require different designs. If it is a large burn, the skin may not accept the ink correctly, and this needs to be taken into account before launching into work.

About the colors and design of the tattoo

Scar skin does not have the same color reception as normal skin. It must be taken into account if the color is strong enough to be noticed on the scar, and if it will look the same as we imagine it. Designs with depth and a variety of colors highlight the tattoo and draw attention away from the scar.

This type of leather generally has a different texture than normal leather, and therefore it is better not to choose very detailed designs that will not be noticed. A large design with thick lines that is better noticed on the scar is better.

It also depends on the experience of the tattoo artist, who will be able to suggest designs that better camouflage the scar or incorporate it creatively.

Negative aspects of tattoos on burns

The skin of this type of scar is more sensitive, therefore making this tattoo can be more painful than normal. In addition, the skin may not accept the ink correctly, so it will take more time to tattoo the same point, and therefore, generating more pain.

It is recommended that before performing the tattoo you consult a doctor who endorses the procedure or not, since some burn scars are more sensitive than others.

As we can see,  getting tattoos on burns is possible, but it is necessary to take into account all the factors before doing it, because not all results are the same. It is a necessary process so that the result is to your liking.