Is there some psychological trick that few people keep in mind?

  • Lack of attention can blind you, doing it for a few seconds can completely change a situation. Even a glance at something behind someone or the other way is enough for someone else to grab a watch from your wrist.
  • You can use vague references to get closer to people you don’t know. ‘Hey man, weren’t you at (X)? “True or not, it could lead to more conversation.
  • It is possible to circumvent confrontation with a blatant display of fearlessness. It sounds stupid, but it’s known as ‘ bluffing ‘ and it’s ingrained in us.
  • When you have something you need to do but keep putting it off, force yourself to do it for 5 minutes, with the option to give up later. By this point, you will usually have re- engaged your brain for productivity and it won’t want to switch back to the other mode for at least the next 30~50 minutes.
  • Humans have an innate instinct to notice small tricks and learn to be repulsed by them. Smiling is good and makes people like you more, unless you do it too much, in which case you will terrify people and look like a psychopath trying to fake emotions, a very young and inexperienced psychopath.
  • People’s feet are often an insight into what they are thinking. For example, if you approach two people talking and they turn their torso towards you but not their feet, they would prefer you to leave them alone. Likewise, if you’re talking to someone and their feet are pointing away from you, that person wants to escape the conversation.