To what extent can a wife go unsatisfied with her husband?

This whole world has been tied for ages.

To what extent can a wife go unsatisfied with her husband? It depends how is your wife?

If your wife is of good manners, understanding, and is going to endure everything, then you can be sure. She will not leave you and go anywhere. She will also support you in your unemployment. Even if you are physically weak, she will spend the whole life with you even if she doesn’t get along with your family members.

If you take any kind of intoxicant, then we have seen that such women tolerate even husband’s beatings. But we cannot justify that. Still, the wife will always be with you in your weakness and in your strength.

But now let’s talk about those women who are never satisfied with anyone. You must have seen some girls who also file a case against their parents in the police that she should be given to her boyfriend from whom she ran away. Has married, is being harassed by her family members.┬áIf she does not belong to her family even after living with her family for 18 to 20 years, then what will happen to that boy who came yesterday.

Then you can guess what will make her husband happy if she is dissatisfied with him.

  1. Wife being physically dissatisfied- There are some women who are not physically satisfied with the husband. So she starts staring here and there or makes an insecure relationship and if her husband comes to know about it, then gives divorce, if she does not give, then hangs her like this and her life is ruined.
  2. Wives dissatisfied with husband’s salary – Such wives who are dissatisfied with their husband’s salary. Whose dreams the husband is unable to fulfill. Most of the Indian wives bear all this, but there are some women, who cannot bear all this and also take the wrong step to fulfill their needs, which they regret later.
  3. Wife dissatisfied with her husband’s family members – Such a wife first separates her husband from her family. If the husband does not want to be separated from the family, then she puts both the family and the husband behind the bars. Then there is no hope, scope for reconciliation.
  4. Wife dissatisfied with the appearance of the husband – I have also seen some other wives who are also found dissatisfied with the appearance of the husband, who had once dreamed of a prince and did not get the prince, then the whole life did not love that husband with his heart. able to do
  5. Wife dissatisfied with the behavior of the husband – If a wife does not like the behavior of her husband and does not like his living, then she keeps getting angry with the husband and can also call him good and bad.

Forgive me if any of my sisters and mothers have felt offended by these facts on me.