Was Al Capone the most successful mobster of all time?

In my opinion no, because in the end he went to jail and ended up in Alcatraz prison for 11 years for tax evasion. He ended his “career” locked up, with dementia as a result of untreated syphilis since he was very afraid of injections. He spent the last years of his seclusion in the prison hospital. He couldn’t walk, he was talking nonsense, and he was drooling uncontrollably. He was released for health reasons in 1939. He died broke, physically weak and insane. After leaving prison he retired to a modest property on Palm Island in Florida. He died in 1947 of pneumonia, following a stroke.

It does not seem to me that it is the profile of a winner and successful man.

We do not know the names of successful gangsters and mobsters, since the real triumph in that life is to live in opulence outside the law and above all not to be “hunted”

Of the “hunted” I would point to Frank Costello. He was known as “the prime minister of the underworld.” He led the famous “Luciano” family also known as “Genovese”. His success was achieved by capitalizing on the heroin trade in Italy and Asia during the Vietnam War. After several trials for tax evasion and some assassination attempts from which he emerged victorious, he managed to retire and die peacefully at 82 years of age.