Was Bruce Lee really that strong?

He was a Chinese actor and martial artist.

Bruce Lee was able to perform some incredible feats. With a weight of only 60 kilos:

  • He had strength in his 160 pound fist.
  • Bruce Lee could do about 1500 push-ups in a row with both hands,
  • 400 push-ups in a row with one hand, 200 push-ups with two fingers of one hand,
  • 100 with the thumb. This record has yet to be broken by anyone.
  • He trained giving 5,000 punches a day and could throw nine punches in a second.
  • Bruce Lee’s kicks were so fast for the cameras that he was filmed in slow motion.
  • He could jump to a height of almost 1.5 meters from a standing position.

He had incredible strength but he didn’t look like this:

Here it is:

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