What are some things that make you sad?

A ten-year-old girl came to me and said:

“Hey, why are there dark-skinned and ugly people?

His demand shocked and disturbed me at the same time. Before she could reply, he added:

“Why am I?”

I didn’t want to answer this particular question and said:

“What do you think, honey?”

He was honest with sadness showing through the pores of his dark complexion:

“I think the god doesn’t love us and that’s why he made us like this.”

This left me even more disoriented. I redirected the conversation as best I could to tell her that melanin is what determines our skin color, in an attempt to distract her from those hate speeches with which she had been tormented to make her think that way about herself.

So he concentrated on the word “melanin” and what it is.

Responding to the initial question, I am saddened by our inability to take notice and denounce that our different skin colors deserve different treatment.

I am saddened by our inability to create an environment in which racism does not alter the self-esteem that a child feels for himself.

I am saddened by our inability to see beauty beyond the skin.

I am saddened by our inability to glimpse beauty in any type of skin.

I am saddened by our inability to understand why different skin colors exist despite the vast education some of us have received.

I am saddened by our inability even in 2021 to banish these prejudices and stereotypes towards those with dark complexions.

Thank you for understanding me and helping me change this.