What are some unwritten rules that everyone should know before going to Dubai?

As a UAE citizen, keep this in mind when visiting Dubai

1- No kissing in public or PDA: It is a very serious crime in Dubai and if a local or any Muslim man sees it, you can report it and it is punishable by law and a fine, you are in a Muslim country. (Some Europeans can get away with it, but we take this offensively, we behave appropriately).

2. No name-calling or swearing, whatever you do in the US or Europe, if you’re swearing, it’s very frowned upon here. I don’t know if it’s a serious crime, but in the UAE if you’re talking to a local or going to swear, try to avoid saying it. They take it very seriously, so be very decent in your language. At most you will face a fine, but be careful

3. When you go to hotels, do not say that you are boyfriend or girlfriend. I say this to couples visiting Dubai, make sure you refer to yourself as spouses. In Dubai, we highly value marriage relationships and the locals might have bad taste to have a girlfriend/boyfriend.

4. Decent dress: Men can wear shorts, but you shouldn’t wear disrespectful clothes. I am referring to insulting religions, or women wearing skirts or bikinis at the mall (especially during Ramadan). It is punishable by law in the UAE. Make sure you dress decently/appropriately, that’s all we ask lol.

5. Drink: Yes, you can drink in Dubai at licensed restaurants and hotels as much as you like. You can even buy alcohol on arrival at Dubai Duty Free. But don’t drink in public, and if you’re drunk, you can cause trouble.

6. The trains are segregated on the basis of men and women. Do not find it surprising, it is just the rule and respect

7. Yes, you can eat/drink during Ramadan if you are a non-Muslim. You’re welcome, but try to avoid eating in front of everyone during this time. It is to respect the culture and traditions, you can eat and drink, but do it within privacy or in areas where they can hide the food with shadows from the locals. Today in the Dubai Mall, everything is open, including restaurants. Dubai is no longer as segregated in this regard as it once was.

Also note; We locals are only 15 percent of the entire population of the United Arab Emirates. The rest are Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Indians, Iranians, Egyptians, a decent amount of Filipinos. It is very difficult to strictly enforce this in such a way, and Dubai’s rules can be relaxed to capture the interests of most foreigners. But as a general rule, you respect our laws, rules, we will respect it. It’s a two way street