What are the most interesting ways in which smugglers have avoided the police?

They are called cow shows, “cow-shoes”:

The bottom, unsurprisingly:

Looks like cow tracks.

Liquor dealers made their liquor in the middle of the woods and other isolated areas.

The police weren’t stupid, they looked for shoe prints in odd places and followed leads, often in the woods, in an effort to catch them in the act.

Smugglers wore them so the police wouldn’t suspect any wrongdoing.

“Hey, just cows.”

The shoe cow above was actually found here in the Port of Tampa. At that time, prohibition was a major activity in the area. There are even prohibition-themed restaurants here, Cirros, where you have to say a password upon arriving at the wooden door.

These shoes later became very useful in military circles, during World War II. They were used to spy on the Germans and to pass unnoticed.