What do we still not know about ancient Egypt?

in fact, only a few civilizations have a more mysterious reputation than ancient Egypt. Yes, humanity has already learned a lot about the country of hieroglyphs and sacred cats, but much remains to be resolved. Maybe one day, we will find answers to all questions, but for now, we can only wonder. And I want to present to your attention several riddles of ancient Egypt:

What was the original name of the sphinx?

To date, we have learned next to nothing about the Sphinx. Until 1817, all we could see was her head poking out of the sand. We don’t even know what the ancient Egyptians called it. “Sphinx” is a Greek word that came much later. And yet we do not know what it symbolizes and why it was erected.

Where is the middle of the second sphinx?

Everyone knows about the Great Sphinx, but a new one has recently been discovered. Surprisingly, there is only one part of the second Sphinx. And the second disappeared without a trace. In 2013, archaeologists in Israel found the legs of a 4,000-year-old sphinx. There is another mystery: how did the Sphinx get to Israel? Was it a gift or did it get there some other way?

How many chambers are there in the Great Pyramid?

Everyone knows the Great Pyramid of Giza – there are three chambers in it: the Queen’s Chamber, the Grand Gallery and the King’s Chamber. But more recently, it was discovered that there are at least two more cameras. Most likely, there are many more hidden rooms and tunnels in the Great Pyramid than we thought.

Why were the shoes hidden in the temple?

In 2004, archaeologist Angelo Cesana’s team found a jar deliberately hidden in a small space between two brick walls inside a temple in Luxor. Inside were seven pairs of shoes. Why are there shoes and what is the fate of their owners? Egyptian expert Andre Veldmeier called the shoes expensive and clearly not for commoners.

How did Tutankhamun die?

Tutankhamun is probably the most famous of all the pharaohs, despite his untimely death. But how did he die? We have some guesses. X-rays from 1968 and CT scan from 2005 show broken ribs and legs. He fell from the car? Accident? Vandalism of the pyramid robbers? The second theory: bad heredity as a result of incest, because his parents were brothers and sisters.

What happened to Nefertiti?

For many years, Nefertiti ruled Egypt with Pharaoh Akhenaten, until she simply disappeared. After 1336 BC C., she is not mentioned. She didn’t even have her tomb or her mummy, although the Egyptians were very respectful of the dead. In 2015, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities stated that there is supposedly an additional chamber in Tutankhamun’s tomb, and one of them could be a crypt of Nefertiti.

Where is the tomb of Alexander the Great?

We really have no idea where he’s buried. Even though Alexander wanted to be thrown into the Euphrates River after his death in 323 BC; even so, the military leaders decided to bury him. First, Alexander was buried in Memphis. He then moved to a new tomb in Alexandria, and then he was buried again in Alexandria. In the year 215 AD. C., the Roman emperor Caracalla visited his tomb, and this is the last mention in history.

Who is buried in Courne?

In 1908, in Thebes, the British Egyptologist Flinders Petri stumbled upon an unknown royal tomb, and now, after a century, we still don’t know who was buried there. The burial belonged to the XVII or XVIII dynasties, that is, the bodies were 250 years older than Tutankhamun. One mummy is a young woman, and the other is supposedly her daughter. Both wore gold and ivory jewelry. Unfortunately, the inscription on the tomb was illegible except for the words “Pharaoh’s great wife.”

What about the mummies whose faces are frozen with a mask of pain?

Mummies screaming with their mouths open are not uncommon. They don’t even “scream” really. The mummies’ mouths were opened during embalming so that a person could eat, drink and breathe in the afterlife. However, there is a mummy that seems to really scream, as if in agony. “Unknown Man E” was discovered in 1886, and some researchers believe he may have been poisoned or buried alive.

Who were the “peoples of the sea”?

So, in Egypt lived the “Peoples of the Sea”. And we know little about who they were. In fact, we know nothing about them. Supposedly, it was a group of pirates who plowed the Mediterranean Sea, and Egypt was a trick for them. Egyptian texts from the time of Ramesses II mention only that “they came from the sea in their warships, and no one could resist them.”

Where exactly was the kingdom of Yam?

Somewhere in Egypt, more than 4,000 years ago, there was a mysterious and prosperous kingdom called Yam. The Egyptian treasurer Harkhuf mentioned that he returned from Yam with elegant things: “with 300 donkeys loaded with incense, ebony, oil, panther skins, elephant tusks, tree trunks and many other beautiful objects”. Where was this heavenly place? We do not know. In any case, there was no trace of it.

Who Built the Nabta Playa Stone Circle?

Stonehenge is not the only mysterious stone circle: there is also a similar structure in southern Egypt. The Nabta Playa Stone Circle is a collection of flat rocks with higher cliffs in between, discovered in 1974 by a team of scientists. It is much smaller than Stonehenge, but may have served the same purpose. I say “perhaps” because no one can say precisely why this circle was created.