What interesting things do human beings do that psychology has already discovered?

  • You are on a “constant search” for human faces in inanimate objects. This sensation is called ” pareidolia,” which scientists believe came from the notion that face recognition is an important part of social life. This implies how your brain tends to find a face where there is none, rather than missing a real face.
  • You obsess over things you feel you don’t have. The human brain is sensitive to scarcity; he constantly feels that you are missing out on things you need. Farmers, for example, make better plans when cash flow is good than when money is tight.
  • Being tested helps you remember concepts and facts better. One study found that information can last longer in a tested person’s memory than when just studied without needing to remember immediately.
  • Returning a favor is in your nature.
  • You tend to be more concerned about a single person than about major tragedies. One group learned about a hungry little girl, another group learned about millions of hungry people, and a third group learned about both situations. The results showed that people who heard about the girl donated more than twice as much as when they heard the statistics. Psychologists believe that even though you would voluntarily help a person, you would conclude that their small part couldn’t do much when a problem seemed too big.
  • You’d rather anticipate something bad than not knowing what to expect. Researchers have found that something negative that is about to happen is less stressful to understand than not knowing how things will turn out.