What is it that makes Nazi Germany interesting to study and learn about for many people?

Because it has everything a good dystopian story needs… endless depravity, mixed with top notch aesthetics, the best uniforms, bombastic speeches and buildings, a ridiculously charismatic, insane, out of control leader with a cult of personality. .. Nazi Germany had it all.

There’s a reason the Nazis make the best villains: their look, their aesthetic, is something to die for. Coupled with such a powerful ideology-driven hatred of entire races and cultures. Catchy slogans galore. Genocides. Slavery. An army capable of taking on half the known world, and standing for a surprisingly long period of time…

How is it possible to be so evil and so sick, and still produce people like Erwin Rommel, who you can’t help but admire for his military tactics? To be so outrageously evil and yet gift the world some of the greatest scientists known to man, enough to power NASA’s space program for decades and put men on the moon. It is truly unfathomable. So much brainpower, so much impressive art, not to mention the tremendous bravery and dedication of Germans as people; and all this thrown away in a cause so truly undignified during the war.

Most of all, what fascinates me personally is how Hitler wrote literally everything he wanted to do in Mein Kampf (My Struggle) . Later he came to power and began to bring his evil and immoral worldview to life with terrifying speed and efficiency, all supported by the admiring masses… why?

I can never get over why.