What is something a billionaire can learn from another billionaire?

Bill Gates y Mukesh Ambani.

Bill Gates with his family. At the time of writing this answer right now, Bill Gates has a net worth of $100.7 billion dollars and is the second richest man. However, each of his 3 children will only inherit $10 million. None of them will take care of any of his business.

His charitable foundations like the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” have already donated $50 billion. He and his wife have pledged to donate 95% of his wealth.

Mukesh Ambani with his family. As of writing this answer, he is worth $50.2 billion and is the 13th richest man.

Each of his children has already inherited his businesses worth billions.

He has spent $100 million on his daughter Isha’s wedding.

He also gave his daughter this $64 million house as a wedding present.

For the wedding of his eldest son, Akash, he spent more than he did on his daughter Isha. That’s over $100 million. She even hosted 500 post-wedding guests during a weekend in Switzerland. She sponsored all the costs for them.

The cheapest room one of the hotel’s 500 guests lived in was $1,421.55 per night .

Through donations and charity work, Mukesh Ambani gives away 0.4% of his wealth to those in need.

So what can Mukesh Ambani learn from Bill Gates? He can learn not to spoon-feed his children billions of dollars and spend them extravagantly.