What is the largest known galaxy in the Universe and where is it located?

The largest known galaxy is IC 1101, it is 6,000,000 light years in diameter, this is more than twice the distance that separates the Milky Way from Andromeda, it is 2,000 times larger than the Milky Way and it is estimated that it contains a total of 100 billion stars (100,000,000,000,000), an entire intergalactic monster with a monstrous black hole in its center, the third largest known, with a mass equivalent to 40 billion suns.

It is located in the constellation of Virgo, about 1200 million light years away, it was discovered by William Herschel in 1790, this was 231 years ago, it is so large that its discovery was possible with the telescopes available at the time.

NOTE: The records in The Universe are changing as new discoveries are made, today the news appears about the discovery of a ‘mega galaxy’ 160 times larger than ours, its name isĀ Alcyoneus, (like the giant of terrible force of Greek mythology, son of Tartarus, the abyss, and Gea, the earth), is located about 3,000 million light years away and extends no more and no less than 16.3 million light years, if the news is confirmed, then it will displace IC 1101 as the largest known galaxy.