What is the most disturbing image you have seen?

The scariest images I’ve ever seen are not from a horror movie or urban legend, the most disturbing images I’ve ever seen are from real life.

In this specific case, I am talking about an image that causes me strong emotional pain, since it is directly linked to my ancestry.

When the concentration camps began to experiment with prisoners, Wilhem Brasse was in charge of compiling photographic information on each of the experiments carried out, he was one of the few Jews who was well fed and received normal treatment. This man had to work with Josef Mengele, yes Mengele, the “Angel of Death”.

Mengele, as is well known, did experiments with children.

One of the few photos that survived the fall of Nazi Germany was this one. That of a group of malnourished children, living in deplorable conditions, some with physical deformities due to torture disguised as “experiments” carried out by Mengele.

A photo, which to this day awakens a feeling of impotence, anger and sadness in me. A photo that disturbs my soul.