What is the most emotional image you have seen?

Let’s start…

  • Hungry boy and missionary
  • A 12-year-old Brazilian, playing the violin at his teacher’s funeral, the teacher had taught him music that helped him escape violence and poverty.
  • A soldier is reunited with his daughter after serving 8 months in Iraq.
  • Alcoholic dad with his son
  • It represents a couple embracing in the rubble of the collapsed factory, it shows us love forever and beyond
  • The dog saved thousands of lives by identifying live ammunition and the bombs were buried with full honors in 2000.
  • An Afghan man offers tea to the soldier
  • Parents in their 70s are likely still searching for their missing son.
  • It brought together families from South and North Korea who were chosen by the lottery. It’s heartbreaking because it’s probably the last time a 99-year-old woman sees her anytime soon. And yet, this is also the first time the woman has seen her child since she was 4 years old.
  • Surgeon sitting after a successful 23 hour heart surgery.

Guess what that same patient survived the doctor

  • Fighter gives water to a koala bear
  • 17-year-old girl offers a flower to the soldiers, during the protests
  • A simple way to be happy.
  • North Korea says goodbye to its South Korean brother, this will probably be the last time they meet
  • 100,000 monks pray for a better world. We are ruining our world.
  • A soldier cares for a 2-week-old kitten in the Korean War
  • Russian soldier playing abandoned piano
  • Women reunited with the body of their husband who disappeared for more than 60 years during the Korean War
  • The young man has just found out that his brother was murdered.
  • The tattoo of a wounded soldier.
  • Now for the last photo, I think it’s emotional and inspiring at the same time.

A boy named Liang YaoYi in China had a brain tumor. He had always aspired to become a doctor, but then realized that due to the brain tumor it was no longer possible. He decided that he would get into medical school another way. In his final moments, he decided that they would harvest his organs and donate them. It’s emotional but inspiring because it shows how surgeons bow to him in respect, it shows how such a young