What shocking facts about history don’t they teach you in school?

Here are 10 interesting facts about history that you were not taught in school.

Number 1.

Julius Caesar was captured by Cilician pirates in 75 BC. When they demanded 25 talents of gold, he burst out laughing. He then offered to pay 50 talents. He also played with them in their games and acted as their leader instead of his prisoner. He “jokingly” said that he would hang them when he returned. When he was released, he soon sent ships to capture them and hanged them.

Number 2.

In 1952 Albert Einstein was given the opportunity to become the president of Israel. However, he rejected it saying “I am deeply moved by the offer of our State of Israel and at the same time sad and ashamed that I cannot accept it. All my life I have dealt with objective matters. Therefore, I lack both natural aptitude and experience to properly deal with people and perform official duties.

number 3.

After Colonel Shaw was killed in battle, the Confederates buried him in a mass grave as an insult to the black soldiers he led. Union troops attempted to recover his body, however his father sent a letter saying “We do not want his body removed from where he is surrounded by his brave and devoted soldiers.”

Number 4.

November 9 is called the “Day of Destiny” in German history because of Kaiser Wilhelm’s abdication in 1918, Einstein’s Nobel Prize in 1922, the Munich Putsch in 1923, the Night of Broken Glass in 1938 and the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 all occurred on the same date.

Number 5.

Empress Irene, empress of the Byzantine Empire, became empress by winning a beauty contest, and after her husband’s death she became the first empress to rule in her own right in Byzantine history.

Number 6.

The Jewish population of Albania increased during the Holocaust. The largely Muslim population sheltered Jews from all over Europe, and only five Jews were killed in Albania during the two years of Nazi rule.

Number 7.

At the 1943 Tehran Conference, Joseph Stalin proposed shooting 50,000-100,000 captured German officers. Churchill stormed out, and Stalin followed him into the room and said that he was only joking. FDR joked, “perhaps 49,000 would be enough.”

Number 8.

When you think of Napoleon, you think of France. But Napoleon Bonaparte was actually more Italian than French. His original name was “Napoleone di Buonaparte” and he was born into a noble Italian family in Corsica, which had been purchased by France from Italy (Genoa) just before his birth.

Number 9.

Do you think American construction takes forever? The longest lasting construction project, the Corinth Canal proposed as early as the 7th century BCE (before the common era), and was officially started by Nero in 67 CE (common era), but due to complications it was not completed until the 1890s.

Last but not least, number 10.

The 1956 “Hundred Flowers Campaign” in China allowed and encouraged people to speak freely and openly express their opinions about the communist regime. After a year, however, the campaign was withdrawn and the Chinese government jailed those who spoke critically of them. No wonder no one trusts government polls.