What was the best thing about life in the Soviet Union?

Great social stability, good access to basic human needs in a very good quality:

  • Free and universal access to one of the best education in the world at that time, an education capable of training in any field of science, humanities, arts, sports and others.
  • It was difficult for many to afford a car, but people had a fairly wide, comfortable, fast, cheap, practical, extensive and multimodal public transport, especially in the railway models. It should also be noted that in the USSR the metro systems with the most beautiful stations were built, whether in the majestic Moscow metro, St. Petersburg, kyiv, Minsk, among others.
  • Access to a good job, with good working hours, a decent salary, paid vacations, and a good pension.
  • A free and universal health system, with highly qualified doctors and great innovation, it was one of the best health systems in the world. It should be noted that it was a Soviet doctor, Viktor Zhdanov, who made the medical formula for the eradication of smallpox.
  • A simple access for a house. Many apartment blocks were built in the USSR, thanks to this many families had their first personal home and did not have to share with others. They are also quite comfortable, they had solid concrete walls, centralized heating and hot water supply, no more than a couple of kilometers from each other there was a public school, a kindergarten and a medical clinic. At the time of the USSR, the infrastructure of all cities and towns was greatly increased, improved and ordered thanks to this.