What was the biggest waste of ammunition in the history of the military world?

This is a NATO soldier firing a Javelin anti-tank missile. The average annual salary of a deployed American soldier is $33,000. The cost of each missile today is nearly four times that, more than $120,000. When the US invaded Afghanistan, each unit was equipped with several of them, even if the Afghans had no armored divisions worth mentioning, while cheaper weapons (and even mortars) could do a better job against bunkers than missiles.

As a result, the US spends 4 billion dollars a month. In Afghanistan, with meager results. If 1/100 of all that money were used to build Afghanistan’s infrastructure and promote the values ​​of a 21st century state, there would quickly be no room for radical groups like the Taliban and ISIS to thrive. However, this does not offer big profits for the military-industrial complex, nor big kickbacks for its political comrades.

So to update Sebastian Junger’s famous quote, having a soldier, who doesn’t earn much in a year, fire multiple missiles, at $120,000 each, at people who don’t earn that much in life is exactly how the Deep State is taking advantage of the American taxpayer and calling it “patriotism”.

It’s no surprise to most that all these “patriots” cashing in on the sale of expensive cannons to hunt sparrows will never, ever serve a single day – much less assume the honor of serving on the front lines. Neither they nor their children.