Who will be the next Marvel villain after Thanos for the Avengers?

Marvel has already said that in its phase 4 they will enter “cosmic” territory, this means that the villains will be of a higher level, that is, they can affect the entire universe or universes without the need for artifacts such as the glove. Then I raise several possibilities of the villains in the future of the MCU:

  • kang the conqueror

Nathaniel Richards, descendant of the father of Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) is a scientist fascinated with science and history, doing experiments discovers how to travel in time. After several trips and stories, he accidentally travels to the 41st century where he finds a land completely destroyed by war, which he takes advantage of to conquer the planet and expand his domain throughout the galaxy, changing his name to Kang the Conqueror in the process.

  • Mephisto

Mephisto is the equivalent of Satan in the marvel world, he is a demon that was theoretically created (along with many other demons like Zarathor) with the death of the supreme being that supposedly created the marvel universe. He has served as a main antagonist in numerous comics, including serving as a servant to Thanos himself in the War of the Gems arc.

  • Scarlet Witch

Some time ago I read a theory that does not seem so far-fetched to me and if it is true it would seem like a very good way to move forward with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this theory, they put none other than Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch as the next antagonist.

After the events of Infinity Wars and having defeated Thanos, Wanda turns against the Avengers, saying that if they had acted together from the beginning and were alert, they could have prevented the tragedies that Thanos caused, with this and starting an argument, the avengers try to control her by causing her anger and resentment. Wanda starts to fight with the avengers but then her real potential is awakened in her, she controls most of them and even kills a couple by mistake. In a desperate attempt to prevent Thanos’ history from repeating itself in the future, she uses part of her powers to awaken dormant abilities in people around the world. thus effectively creating mutants (and introducing them in some reasonable way to the MCU) as possible “defenders” of the planet should another threat like Thanos arise in the future. Of course, the avengers would not agree with all this, although there was not much they could do due to the difference in powers between them and Wanda, for which she escapes the scene, thus leaving the defeated team wondering what their future strategies would be. to be able to control it and/or finish it in the process.

It seems to me a logical option since Scarlet Witch is a character with a lot of power and potential that they still don’t show in the movies, plus they could kill two birds with one shot by introducing the mutants because of her.

  • Galactus

Last but not least, we have Galactus, who most of you must know by now. Now that the Fantastic Four have almost become part of Disney ownership, they could reboot their movies (again) with this starting to feature Galactus like they started with Thanos, thus being able to follow up (from about 10 or 15 movies) to the history of Galactus, until in the end they could unite all the plots with the purpose of defeating him.