Why are meteor impacts not very common on Earth?

We imagine the solar system like this:

That’s how it is in school science books. Unfortunately it does not reflect the space between the planets at all.

This is the Earth-Moon pair.

Sorry, this is the Earth-Moon pair. This is the real one.

Taking into account the image, what would you say is the ratio between empty space and matter?

If you had a soccer ball (Earth) and a tennis ball (Moon) in an open field and you were to throw stones at them from a distance, how many times do you think you would hit? 1 in 100? 1 in 300? And that trying to hit them with all the intention. Meteors have no intention.

Add to that that Earth has an atmosphere thick enough to burn small objects. Shooting stars are quite common on our planet, which are not really stars but rocks from space that burn up in the atmosphere.

Statistically, there is a much higher chance that a rock will not hit the Earth.