Why don’t sharks eat dolphins?

That they eat them, well if sharks eat dolphins.

For example, adult great white sharks see dolphins as a good snack, but this one had its prey taken by a larger white.

Ah… you mean why in principle it is not a good idea for a shark in general to eat a dolphin as if it were a regular part of its diet?

Because the cost is often much greater than the possible benefit:

  • Dolphins have greater maneuverability, because they are more flexible, as well as being faster. So the shark cannot move at the level of that mammal and fight at the same time.
  • That snout seems harmless… but inside it has a very hard bone. Because of the above point, they can relatively easily get under the shark and hit its vulnerable belly, causing bleeding and other injuries. Or give him hard blows to the sides until he is dead.
  • The shark has sometimes been called the tiger of the ocean, it is a fish that acts alone. Contrary to dolphins, which are sociable, they move in a pod. So if the shark attacks one of them, then the rest will come at him.
  • Dolphins are very intelligent, the largest brain compared to the body after the human being. Although trained to get the most benefit from the environmental conditions depending on the situation in which it finds itself, but without altering it. How to confuse sharks with their echolocation.
  • Let’s add that the shark can also be hunted by dolphins, how? The orca, (the largest dolphin), is capable of preying on adult whites when no other type of food is available.